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This is my new website but...

If you are interested in reading my blog you can find it here. I may eventually transfer all the content to this place someday but in the meantime you'll be redirected away from this host. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thanks in advance for your patience.

For those of you who may be wondering, the domain name is a pun on the Disney show Art Attack. It was suggested by a friend of mine.

chalsattack was born in January 2006. Ever since then, it has constantly moved from one place to another. At first, I hosted it myself but shortly after, I relied on professional hosting. At the moment, it is hosted by sdf- eu

Over the years some of this site's content has evolved and changed quite a lot, some of it still remains the same. I am just a bit older now but however, my love and devotion for debian grows fonder each and every single day. As I stated somewhere else: "The day I discovered debian my computing hobby became a passion" and it seems like it is here to stay.